Why Choose Vogue Conveyancing?

  • Cindy LamberyI have over 22 years experience in the legal industry and a specialist in conveyancing {Conveyancers are specialists in one area whereas a solicitor can be qualified and specialise in more than one area of law}
  • We are responsive and act quickly to ensure that you don’t miss out on the property.
  • We can review Contracts for sale within 24 hours and provide initial advice on the contract. {on a purchase transaction}
  • We can prepare a Contract for sale within 24 hours (depending on the Council area) and email full Contract for sale through to the Agent to enable marketing of the property to commence {on a sale transaction – the preparation of a Contract for sale has traditionally taken approx 1-2 weeks to prepare and often it still takes up to 1 week}
  • We offer flexible appointment times convenient to client.
  • Disbursements incurred by us are passed onto the client at the same cost incurred by us (no premium is added on top).
  • We have online facilities with Government Departments which assists us with quick turnaround times.
  • File is handled by Cindy Lambert, Principal of Vogue Conveyancing from start to finish. Your transaction is not passed off to an unqualified person.
  • We send email ‘reminders/follow ups’ throughout the transaction to ensure that the sale/purchase runs on time and assists the client with planning for settlement.
  • All advice provided to our clients is confirmed in writing
  • I have worked on the north shore of Sydney for 16 years, I live locally so I have knowledge of the local property market

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