Buying a property?

Vogue Conveyancing can review a Sale Contract and provide preliminary advice to you within 24-48 hours.

At Vogue Conveyancing we believe conveyancing is not just about the Contract.  It includes understanding your intentions for the use of the property, for example, from renovating to running a business or keeping an animal in a strata complex.

Check out our short video which demonstrates how we assisted our client to change strata by laws to allow extensive renovations to be carried out.

With Vogue Conveyancing

Other conveyancers

We specialise solely in conveyancing Can specialise in other areas of law
Tailored advice, specific to your needs Receive generic Contract advice
One point of contact, from start to finish Several points of contact
We are responsive and provide regular feedback Little or no feedback
We coordinate the entire transaction, including liaison with 3rd parties, on your behalf Expect to do some running around
We have affiliations with independent businesses for building, pest and strata reports Expect to find your own pre purchase services

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