Are you downsizing to an apartment or making a sea change? Anxious? Nervous, haven’t purchased a property in the while?

At Vogue Conveyancing we take the time to refresh your memory as to what is involved in a conveyancing transaction.

If you are moving into strata style living we outline the difference for you and what your obligations are to the ‘strata body’ known as the owners coproration (formerly the body corporate).

What you can expect to receive for $1,750.00 plus GST*

With Vogue Conveyancing

Other conveyancers

Our fees include acting for you in respect of any mortgage. There is an additional charge if a mortgage is involved in the transaction.
Our fees include the issue of a cooling off period certificate (if necessary). There is an additional charge is a cooling off certificate is needed.
Search up to 8 Government Departments to check existing proposals and charges affecting the property. Search only 2-3 Government Departments to check existing proposals and charges affecting the property.
Disbursements incurred by us are passed onto you at the same cost to us, no premium is added on top. Premium is added to the cost of disbursements.
We educate you on ‘what is conveyancing’? You gain no understanding as to what the conveyancing process really is.
We provide a thorough explaination of the terms of the Sale Contract in plain language so you understand what it means to you. The Sale Contract is explained in little detail and using legal jargon leading to confusion.
We coordinate your entire purchase transaction. We will liaise with the Real Estate Agent, your bank, financier or mortgage broker and engage service provides such as building, pest and strata inspectors. Expect to do some running around.
We have affiliations with independent strata, building and pest inspection companies to assist you with your pre purchase enquiries. Expect to have to find these service providers without any recommendation.
Your transaction is handled by one person from start to finish. Several points of contact throughout the transaction.

* On a purchase transaction our fees are $1,750.00 plus GST and disbursements. Disbursements will vary from transaction to transaction and depend on the location of the property.

We estimate that the disbursement component usually costs around $350.00. This covers searching up to 8 different Government departments to check whether there is any charge or proposal affecting the land. For example, council rates, water rates, land tax, road widening or rail corridor proposals. The cost of the disbursements are passed onto you as incurred by us, no premium is added on top. {Other conveyancers may only search up to 2 or 3 of these departments}

Case study example

This case study demonstrates that just because ‘settlement’ has taken place it doesn’t mean that the title to the property has been transferred over to you as the new buyer! At Vogue Conveyancing your file is not closed until we have confirmation of the transfer of ownership.

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