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Solicitor or Conveyancer – what’s the difference and which do I choose?

Prospective clients often ask what’s the difference between a Solicitor and a Licensed Conveyancer? In NSW conveyancing was traditionally undertaken by Solicitors and the cost of such work was charged according to a pre-determined scale based on a percentage of the value of the property. In 1992 legislation was passed which enabled conveyancing work to be also undertaken by Licensed Conveyancers. The introduction of Licensed Conveyancers has seen that the cost of conveyancing services reduce

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What are Strata By laws?

By laws are rules which an owner or occupier living in a strata complex must abide by. By laws can be changed or varied by a special resolution of the owners corporation. It is important to understand how by laws can affect your living style when considering buying into a particular strata complex. In our experience below are “areas” which often cause issues among owners within a strata complex:- – the keeping of animals –

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Swimming Pools – new safety laws for NSW

Have you heard? It is proposed that all New South Wales backyard pools will have to be registered under a safety crackdown by the NSW State Government. A bill is to be introduced into Parliament within the next few weeks. Under the proposed legislation a statewide online registry is to be established and pool owners will need to have safety compliance inspections undertaken. The inspections are to be carried out by Council or private operators

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