Precedent set – Vendor recovers deficiency in sale price on the resale of their property!

While the current Contract for sale of Land clearly sets out the rights of a Vendor when a Purchaser defaults (unable to settle), we now have a case which supports it {Kelly v Galafassi & Anor [2013] NSWSC680} This Article is a follow on from “Purchaser sued for deficiency in resale price – a real case to follow!” To recap:  Toni Collette and her husband David Galafassi  (the Purchasers) entered into a Contract to buy

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Is your swimming pool compliant? New laws kick in from 29 April 2014!

If you are thinking of selling your property and you have a Swimming Pool or a Swim Spa/Spa Pool you need to read this: Is your Swimming Pool or Swim Spa/Spa Pool registered on the Swimming Pool Register? For the last 12 months pool owners have been obligated to register their swimming pool, swim spa/spa pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register ( A fine of $220.00 may apply for non registration during this time.

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What is Title Insurance?

Did you know … Title Insurance is something you should consider NOW as part of your purchase transaction … EVEN BEFORE EXCHANGING CONTRACTS? What is Title Insurance? Title insurance is an insurance policy which can cover you for costs arising from matters you do not know or are not disclosed by the Vendor as part of the normal conveyancing procedure. For example: Illegal Building Works undertaken by a Vendor or any previous owner, Outstanding Notices

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