Can anyone keep an animal in a strata complex?

Consider the scenario below:-

You buy an apartment in a strata complex at auction, you don’t have the Contract reviewed by a conveyancer prior to the auction (a friend who owns a few properties has had a quick look at the Contract for you). You are not aware that the strata complex is not pet friendly. This means that no animals are allowed in the complex. You have 2 cats, which live mainly indoors and you can provide references as to their nature. Where does this leave you?

Whether you can keep an animal within a strata complex is up to the owners corporation of each strata complex. You should not assume that you can keep any animal within a strata unit/apartment. There is a ‘model’ by law which provides 3 different attitudes towards the keeping of animals. If a strata complex is pet friendly the most common by law states that an owner or occupier can keep 1 cat or 1 small dog or 1 caged bird or fish in a secure aquarium. The scenario of 2 animals will always need express consent from the owners corporation prior to the purchase of the property.

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