Swimming Pools – new safety laws for NSW

Have you heard? It is proposed that all New South Wales backyard pools will have to be registered under a safety crackdown by the NSW State Government. A bill is to be introduced into Parliament within the next few weeks. Under the proposed legislation a statewide online registry is to be established and pool owners will need to have safety compliance inspections undertaken. The inspections are to be carried out by Council or private operators

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Buying or selling a property? You SHOULD consider … your Will

Many people underestimate the importance of having an up-to-date Will and having an estate plan in place. The buying or selling of a property is a good time for you to consider your current situation and wishes, and ensure that they are appropriately documented. Many people do not understand that property owned as joint tenants (commonly the family home and joint bank accounts), superannuation, company assets and Family Trust assets fall outside the operation of

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